Deanship of Students Affairs provides a suitable environment for the scientific study , the practical training, and building personality of a student in a way that makes him invest his time in different activities i.e. religious, cultural, athletic ,and social activities inside and outside the university. It supports the talents in different fields and provides the aids which help achieve that.

The Deanship plays the supporting role for an educational process that takes place inside the classrooms and labs. It contributes to the refinement of students through a package of extracurricular activities that meet their interests and inclinations ,also they develop their culture and thought. The university life is not limited to university classes but goes beyond that to cover activating hobbies and developing talents which lead to the prominence of student's personality and help him fill in his time positively. Also the deanship of students affairs has various roles such as providing different services for students , guiding and qualifying them to engage in the labor market effectively.

Objectives of the Deanship

  • The objectives of( DSA ) are based on the University objectives and education policy of the kingdom:
  • To contribute to preparation the Saudi students and form their balanced and integrated personality
  • To Support Islamic education and guide students to carry out the Islamic instructions
  • To refine talents of students and develop their abilities to acquire knowledge and useful experience
  • To get students involved in social participation and to develop the fraternal relations between them and their teachers.
  • To provide comfort and reassurance for students
  • To link students with their community and to emphasize their affiliation to the homeland and to their nation
  • To Contribute to the cultivation of the outstanding students and to take care of those who have special needs. 

 DSA Tasks 

  1. To provide different programs and activities for students which create the opportunity for them to acquire the knowledge, experience and skills that qualify them for effective participation inside and outside the university.
  2. To provide an appropriate dormitory for students as per the regulations of the university.
  3. To provide the different services for students such as to referring to hospitals, receiving medical reports and transferring them to colleges. Also granting students the discount for domestic travel and writing to official government about students issues.
  4. To provide students with discounted meals in different restaurants and cafeterias of the University and to supervise on providing dishes for University celebrations and official symposia and meetings
  5. To provide social welfare for needy students through  students loans and stipends.
  6. To participate with other units of the university in awareness programs, public services and the revitalization of tourism in the region
  7. To prepare, organize, an supervise the subvention for students and the subsidies for those who are with special needs and rewards for outstanding university students.

The DSA looks forward to achieving its objectives through the concerted efforts of the departments and the following sections:

  • Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs
  • Department of Student Activities
  • Department of subvention
  • Department of Housing and university students
  • Department of food
  • Management of the Fund for Students
  • Secretariat for the youth summer
  • Audit Section
  • Sports section
  • Hierarchy