1.       Follow up of performance of the graduates' offices in colleges and deanships.

2.       Continuing to update graduates' databases.

3.       Expand communication and communication channels with graduates.

4.       Designing a website to facilitate communication and cooperate with alumni.

5.        Contribute to providing moral and material support to distinguished graduates.

6.       Follow up and monitor the stories of excellence and success of graduates to benefit from their experiences.

7.       Conduction of research, studies and surveys on the requirements of the labor market  for graduates.

8.       To develop the skills of job search and how to maintain it through the implementation of training courses for graduates.

9.       Coordination with civil society institutions related to the study and development of human resources and employment of graduates of Colleges.

10.   Preparing for the annual employment forum.

11.   Opening channels to expand communication with graduates, labor market and employment bodies.