Job Description


·        Secretary

1.      Managing، organizing and arranging meetings in coordination with the concerned authorities.

2.      Writing up minutes of meetings and committees and circulate them to members

3.      Follow-up of the needs of the Department from tools and office equipment and drawing up the budget for such needs.

4.      Manage the unit files, and follow-up the inbox an outbox

5.      Any assigned tasks.

·        Coordination & follow-up Office

1.      Updating graduates databases periodically.

2.      Participating in the arrangement of the recruitment forum.

3.      Communicating with the graduates and introducing them to the career opportunities available in the public and private sectors.

4.      Follow up graduates and help them find appropriate solutions to their problems.

5.      Issuing periodicals pertaining to graduates and developments in their fields of specialization.

·        Career Guidance Office

1.      Conducting studies on actual labor market needs.

2.      Conducting exploratory studies on the number of graduates in various majors and the proportion of those who are employed as an assistance to colleges to adapt their specialization according to the labor market.

3.      Provide adequate information for graduates about the fields and opportunities of employment available in their fields of specialization

4.      To guide students to the job opportunities available to them in the labor market

5.      To consolidate the university's relationship with government and non-governmental employment agencies by exploring their views on the university's outputs and programs.

6.      Marketing the University's outputs in the labor market and opening career opportunities for them in various governmental and private sectors.

7.      Contacting the employment bodies to know their needs according to the specializations.

8.      Designing questionnaires on the needs of the labor market from different specialties.

9.      Providing interested authorities with the results of these studies mentioned above to take the necessary action.

10.  Making an annual report on what has been approved by the Career Advising Office.


·        Office of Documentation and Statistics

1.     Documenting and updating the University graduates' data.

2.     Preparing the necessary statistics for graduates and graduates-to-be according to different majors

3.     Making the necessary and supportive reports to make decisions regarding University graduates.

·        Public relations and communication Unit

1.      Opening channels of communication with different community sectors.

2.      Promoting the University graduates in forums and events and showing the majors presented by the University.

3.      Contacting the media and various press organizations to provide them with news of the Unit.

4.      Participation in making periodic media reports.