Unit General Plan



1. Opening channels of communication with various employers (e.g. labor offices, governorates, factories, associations, schools, hospitals, etc.) to obtain the needs of these employers and announce them to students.

2. Coordinating with civil society institutions of relevance to the study and development of human resources and employment of university graduates.

3. Collecting data on graduates, providing a mechanism and establishing a channel for communication and communication with them.

4. Following up the graduates and maintaining association with them.

5. Conduct research, studies and surveys on the requirements of the labor market for graduates in relation to the required numbers in different majors.

6. Helping graduates to find jobs as in annual employment forum.

7. Creating and updating a graduates' database.

8. Creating a database of graduates' employers.

9. Issuing electronic leaflets and brochures for graduates on the latest activities and news of the Main Graduate Unit.

10. Briefing the graduates of what is new regarding the NU academic and research issues.

11. Periodical visits to graduates' workplaces and reporting such visits.

12. Offering courses that target the professional development of the graduates according to their needs.

13. Providing the recruitment authorities with the names the University top graduates to find employment opportunities for them.

14. Establishment of Alumni Technology Club.

15. Organization of clubs and forums for the graduates.

16. Organizing an annual conference to show the present the achievements of the Graduate Unit and its aspiration on graduates' affairs on national and global scales.