departments of the Deanship

Description of the departments of the Deanship of Students Affairs

First :Administrative Department:
It concerns with the administrative works and supervises the departments of personnel, administrative communications, and photocopying. It includes the following:

Department of Personnel:


1-Following up the attendance of the employees.
2-Monitoring the work inside the departments.
3- Receiving all the jobs application.
4- Computerizing the data concerned with deanship's employees.
5-Nominating the employees for joining the training courses.
6- Study the needs for jobs and majors.

Administrative Communication


1-Receiving all the incoming dealings and circulating them to the concerned departments.
2- Gathering the sent dealings.
3- Gathering and circulating the internal mails among the units of the deanship.
4- Sorting and saving the incoming and coming mails.



1-Copying all the letters which is sent by the deanship.
2-copying all the minutes of the deanship council, notices, ….etc.

Administrative Finance:

It deals with finalizing all procedures for payment of employee benefits and rights of external sectors (institutions and companies ).

Second: Students Activities Department

The students activities are considered as on of the curricula components which are not limited to information and knowledge provided by the textbook but it includes students' positive participation in different matters related to education.

Importance of the Activity:

1-It contributes to the development of good manners and good. It also contributes behavior straight in the student, and also contributes to modify the abnormal behavior and to apply certain values and Islamic morality, love of others, altruism, respect for the owners of the credit, and other Islamic ethics. It also contributes to the development of desirable trends, such as pride in the student's religion, his country and his leaders.
2- It helps reveal the tendencies , talents and abilities of students in order to develop them positively which would have a direct impact to the right educational and vocational guidance.
3- It contributes to a closer link between the student and his classmates for one hand and between teachers, university, the family and society on the other.
4- It enhances the student by the independence , self-confidence , self-reliance and responsibility through the participation of students in the selection of activities, planning and evaluation.
5- It meets the social and psychological needs of students such as the need for social affiliation, friendship , self-realization and appreciation, also helps them to get rid of some of the problems experienced by anxiety, confusion and isolation.
6- It raises the student's readiness to learn and to make him more accessible and interactive to meet the educational situations.

Objectives of the Students Activities:

  • To publicize the leading role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various areas and scientific legitimacy, also to highlight the most important aspects of the Kingdom's keenness on the interests of Islam and Muslims, its efforts to call to God Almighty, and the adoption of the governors of its order - and God bless them - for this role and still continuing.
  • To recognize the university, its branches, units of education as well as specialization, scientific institutes and curricula.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the university along with the Kingdom's universities and universities in the GCC countries, and preparing students to actively participate in activities organized at the level of KSA universities and universities of the Council of State
  • to get students acquainted with properties of civilization development in the Kingdom and get them acquired some sills in social services.
  • To recognize the homeland, get proud of it and keep on its achievements.
  • Doing the scientific thinking and developing the students' capabilities in innovation and creativity.

1-Department of cultural activity:

The department of cultural activity- through its various programs- contributes to create and refine the student's character and develop talents and their literary, cultural and scientific abilities. It also contributes to the development of their knowledge and encourages them to do scientific research, Islamic studies, scientific and social development.

The Objectives of cultural activity:

To develop the student's knowledge and provide him with scientific information that increase the understanding of Islam. It will make a closer relationship with the glorious heritage of his nation through series of lectures, seminars, newspapers, magazines, and various competitions.
University student's personal will be developed through various sources of culture in the light of Islamic teachings.
To contribute in the preparation of university students to be scientifically and intellectually qualified to serve their countries.

Activities of cultural programs:

  1. Competition of memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran for colleges.
  2. Competition of memorizing the Holy Quran for the scientific institutes in the Kingdom.
  3. Competition of poetry for colleges.
  4. Literary competitions (short story, poetry, essay) for the colleges and scientific institutes.
  5. Scientific lectures to the Islamic scholars and sheikhs.
  6. Speech competition for colleges and higher institutes and scientific institutes.
  7. Competition of Hadith.
  8. Competition of scientific and cultural research.

The University participation in the cultural weeks of the universities and cultural institutions of higher education for the Gulf cooperation Council states.
Cultural competition between the colleges of the university.
Provide the awards for excellent and distinguished students in the activities.
to do the final ceremony of the student activities under the patronage of the University Rector, and the other officials. 
Competition to summarize a book.
2 - Department of Social Activities:
This section contributes with its practical curriculum in creating the overall development of students, especially social development. It will provide the conditions to discover their talents and abilities to refine and develop them.
Its objectives are:

  • to build an integrated and balanced personality as determined by the Shari'a to become a good citizen.
  • to establish social relations between the students, in order to provide the opportunity to meet with each other.
  • to establish the social and psychological harmony between the students in order to achieve educational goals.
  • to encourage the social values through the educational practice of the various programs.
  • to discover the features of the environment and its development and its implications, and to develop the student interest and maintain the public facilities.
  • Its functions are:
  • Participation in the student's visits to the joint universities and higher education institutions in Gulf cooperation Council states.
  • Receive student delegations visiting the university campus.
  • Plan a scientific journeys to some governmental agencies, cultural and archaeological sites in our country.
  • Plan introductory visit to the Saudi universities to identify the flow of the educational movement in their colleges and departments.
  • Participation in various awareness weeks that are held each year.

3 - Department of Scout activity:

This activity aims to prepare young people to be a full educational, social, cultural and physical person. This will be done through:

This activity aims at preparing a student comprehensively in different areas through the following:

  • To strength the Islamic religion among students.
  • Achieving the spirit of belonging to the community.
  • To satisfy the psychological, social, and cultural needs.
  • To develop their knowledge and expand their capacities.
  • Programs
  • Scout's camps
  • Leadership preparation training courses.
  • General services and community development programs.
  • Journeys and visits to different areas of the Kingdom.
  • Participation in conferences, symposia, and scouts programs.

Sports Department

The department supervises the athletic programs which serve the university personnel in addition to students of Najran University.


The department carries out the following programs:
Internal activity for colleges.
Competitive activity for among colleges.
External activity in different sports program.
Daily training for sports team at the University.

Students' Fund

The fund was established in 1427H. The fund aims at getting students felt with Islamic relations. This will help him for scientific performance.


  • To assist the needy students.
  • To give loans in some urgent circumstances.
  • To support journeys and students functions which are pertaining to social, cultural, and educational objectives.
  • To contribute with students social projects.

Dormitory Department:

The dormitory department is one of major factors which positively affects students' life. This department tries to provide educational. Organizational, social, athletic, and cultural environment.


  • Giving the opportunity for students to benefit from the utilities and facilities which were provided by the Kingdom.
  • Achieving the Islamic fraternity between the roommates.
  • Providing the appropriate atmosphere to get the knowledge and to be outstandingly competent.
  • Assisting students and solving the problem that might face.
  • Seizing the free time of a student in a fruitful activities.


  • The dormitory located inside the University City.
  • Confidentiality
  • Many utilities and facilities.

Fifth: Residential Facilities Department

This department provides the residential activities for students such as three meals for all students. Also it supervises the official ceremonies for the University and participates in providing services for students. This department has two restaurants:

1-dermatory restaurant and has two sections:
a-Students section
b-teaching staff section.
Educational restaurant
Colleges Cafeterias
Scholarship and translation department
It concerns with providing social care for students of different countries by providing accommodations and the procedures of their traveling. The department has three divisions:

The scholarship Division:

  • It takes the following responsibilities:
  • Finalizing the procedures of students' admission.
  • Issuing tickets for participant students in activities.
  • Issuing tickets for students who have scholarship.
  • Computerizing all the data concerned with students who are having scholarships.

Passport Division

It executes the following tasks:

1-issuing residency cards for newcomers students.
2-renwing residency cards for the old students.
3-issuing reentry and exit visas for students.

Translation division

It executes the following:

1-translating the bonifides, documents, and marriage contracts.
2-translating students' passports.